I'm Tim and I am over the moon about you being here.

I am (as most who know me) a people person! I love people and I thrive when I get to be around others.



I’m the type that loves to smile and rarely stops. My smiles reach all the way across my face to the point you can't see my eyes. 

I love adventure and unlike most I look forward to change. Change is apart of life and it has the effect of keeping things fresh. And life, being the living breathing thing it is. Is full of exciting and adventurous possibilities in a constant state of change and so many of these exciting adventurous moments in my life ARE WORTH REMEMBERING and smiling about!

Don't you just love these moments!!!

And that is why I fell in love with photography. From my marriage day, our 1st baby, the passing of my grandpa or the loss of a close friend. These pictures help keep these moments alive as a living, breathing memory.


If you've stopped by to capture a moment,


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