Dirt Bike Party

December 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, confession... We didn't do any dirt biking, but...

That didn't stop us from having a birthday party... 

Josiah's birthday, the one who really wants to go dirt bike riding!!!

So badly he suggest we decorate his party invitations with dirt bike items & pictures.

And, then we shot his b'day portraits on their dirt bike!

Their uncle Josh bought them the bike many years ago & last year the boys finally had the chance to learn how to ride them. They loved it!

Birthday party plans came together & we thought it would be hard for the party to resemble much about dirt biking...

But when the family & friends come together, we have fun either way!


Happy Birthday to my biker boy.

I am Excited for all our journeys we will have together!


Timmy :D


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