Baby Eden's 3

March 02, 2014  •  1 Comment

My baby girl is growing up!

Melts you with a smileEden has the best smile ever & an attitude to compliment it! :) Funny thing about all Eden's portraits.

Prior to the 1st portrait she got a super nasty sliver stuck into her palm.

I couldn't get it out & the more I tried, the more Eden cried in pain.

The sliver was deep & big! But she can't help but smile, laugh & giggle.

True to her God given character! A joy to be around! My little short cake

These fun little portraits where taken weeks prior to her party & actual birthday.

The memory however plays in my mind as if it happened today.

Eden's party was a blast.

Thank you to all her family who came to celebrate with

"Baby Eden" :)

Timmy :D


Phil Dehnert(non-registered)
Gifts everywhere! You and our grand kids are such great gifts to your Mom and I! And your photography, that is as gift too Tim. We look at the photos and we feel like we're right there. Right now I feel like I need a little red headed hug! :o)
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