My brothers b'day

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Isaiah's B'Day Bash!

Isaiah & Arame'Listening to a song they might karaoke to! :) So we had an awesome time celebrating with Isaiah. He planned his party for the most part & I am glad he did.  It was really a fun night! Zay & MommaTaken just after we arrived at the A street house & just before the party really started! :) Mother/Son Duet Birthday candle blowout Arame' & Zay karaoke Jeremiah & Zay karaoke Erin & Zay… Aren't they cute!!! :)


You might be getting the point by now 

Isaiah loves to sing! Because he is really good at it!!!

Timmy & Zay… Sing it with passion! Zay & Momma Dancing together

Isaiah loves to dance too...

And he is really good at that too.  I love watching how he doesn't just dance to make it fun for himself, but whoever is his partner is usually really enjoying themselves too.

Zay & Micah wrestling...

Isaiah is not just a great dancer & singing.

Isaiah is a great friend who really cares about you, a great brother, a great son, a great uncle, a great snowboarder, a great skateboarder & an overall great person to be around because he seems to always care that you are there too!!!


From wrestling to relaxing Isaiah's party palls

The night was awesome. It started at a Mexican Restaurant & really never ended. Once everyone had gathered at the restaurant it became a blizzard outside. We all made it to the house safe but while we where dancing, singing & enjoying the fun the snow never stopped. All snowed in & loving it...Late night shot of the snow damage Snow townDowntown Buckley around midnight


But either did the dancing & singing!

Trust fall or deep dipping fun!? Sing it son...Arame' & Caden Mother/Daughter danceIsrael & Hannah swinging it Oh BrotherWhere art thou? SistersArame' & Issy karaoke Winding Down with Worship Jeremy & momma swinging...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

We love you & cherish who God made you to be!


Timmy :D


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