Trivelas Family Christmas

February 09, 2014  •  1 Comment

Christmas TreeLights & ornaments from my mother-in-laws Christmas tree in one of the rooms in her new house.


This year Christmas was a bit different...

Every January my wife's side have our Christmas celebration together at her parents house in Buckley, but this time we didn't go  to their actually home.  We went & stayed in Downtown Buckley at the house they are remodeling to use as an event location for women to craft, scrap book & do many other things.



The Lady ChristmasThis statue happend to be underneath the Christmas tree and I loved how the lights from the tree reflected off her and made her color glow and stand out. My little Micah ManI love my little Micah Man's smile! He can light up a room with his tender hearted joy. Here he is with his new backpack from his Nona & Popa! Family GameYup that is the real title of the game they are playing. But, I also love how this family actually spends time together when they have celebrations & parties. No TV or other distractions. Just quality conversations, games & the like. :) Prank gift boxOnce the package was unwrapped this is what you saw & it was a good laugh.

Every year the Trivelas' do what they call a Penny Grab.

PenniesThis is what the table looked like while we where playing the penny grab game.

The object is to reach into this big tin can and grab as many pennies as you can and put them into your bowl. The rules are still a bit fuzzy but once you get your pennies you are to count them and the fun part is seeing who can get the most pennies. My beautiful bride get'n rich! :)Israel is taking her turn at the penny grad. Fun times, great smile!!! ;) Timmy D's turnThought I had a winner with this handful. :(

This year I broke the 300 totally pennies mark with a whopping 311 pennies. I thought I had it in the bag. A win for sure. NOT - Issy's brother Jeremy knocked down my house of cards with something like 345 pennies. WOW how can you get that many pennies into one hand.  Try it. It's a fun game.

SilhouettesSilhouette of Israel. We where testing our lighting to get it set up for taking all the kids portraits in silhouette style for Israel's mom.

The night carried on and we played games, shot silhouette portraits of us & the kids, opened presents and just had a grand time hanging out as a family. Think About it!!!Isaiah, Israel's youngest brother is such an amazing guy. He is always willing to help and has such a great attitude. Here is also helping us set up for the kids portraits & gave a bit of modeling tips too. ;) Momma & Baby EdenYes that is baby Eden & don't try to call her anything else. Don't they look alike from behind. :) Uncle Josh's ConfessionI love this shot of Josh, but in reality he was confessing how he cheated!!! ;) Maybe by accident... I love youDoesn't this picture paint an easy picture of the love in this family! A great example of why I love photography. A picture can say a thousand words! :) A mothers loveAnd Arame' is a great mother! I don't need to say much about this image. It says it all... TimmyThis is Tim Richards. Everybody seems to just love Tim and he doesn't shy away from the camera! :) You make me smileDoesn't everyone in this picture make you want to smile too once you look at them!?

I am so thankful to our great God for allowing me the blessing of having so many wonderful family members surrounding me. 



Timmy :D


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these!
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