A few FedEx photos

March 09, 2014  •  1 Comment


My FedEx Photos

I am blessed to have a job where I get to go to different cities (in Pierce County), see different places & carry my camera with me if I choose! A hazy Rainier Shot Mt. Rainier behind a big dairy farm in Enumclaw, WA.


I am planning on posting more images of my days photos & very excited for this motivation to focus on growing my photography skills & see more & more different & beautiful places along the way. Gig Harbor docks


So, sometime back when everything froze, I had the chance to go out to Gig Harbor late in the day & loved what I saw... Frozen Beach


What a beautiful sight. The frozen beach, the colorful boats & the rustic area was such a delightful place to end my day!


Next, during the same frozen period I traveled from Bonney Lake out through Enumclaw capturing & collecting images along the way. Frozen Fountain Glorious View Of Rainier


I absolutely love being able to take these moments, these pauses in my chaotic day & photograph God's amazingly vast, beautiful, peaceful & not so peaceful but amazing creations.

I really hope you enjoyed these images.


Timmy :D



Phil Dehnert(non-registered)
Beautiful Tim. Gig Harbor is one of our favorite hangouts too. We love the "feeling" there. We have some of it in Des Moines also of course. But GH is special.
~Dad & Mom~
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