Althen Family Portraits

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Althen Family Portrait Session


There are always some families that the kids get my personality & some that don't!



These 2 DID!



I had probably the best time I've ever had photographing kids or families! Mainly because the kids understood me. It seemed we had accomplished within a half-hours time what we would have if we spent a month together (most people feel exhaustingly the same way when they spend time with me) & we ended up best friends through it! :)



However, their parents also made this session a blast!

Their personalities, their sense of humor & their smiles all made our experiences with them an absolute blast! What fun we had!!!



Most of you who read this are going to recognize momma. Momma here (a.k.a. Kristin Cole) is a good old friend of mine from Des Moines, WA. Kristin & I grew up together.

And now she has the most beautiful family!


Thank you Althens for the blessing of photographing your family, having such a blast hanging out with you & make such great memories!

I pray your family is always filled with joy & love & sweet laughter!



Timmy :D


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