Mock Friends

March 31, 2014  •  2 Comments

Mock Friends

No, this is not an invitation to mock your friends! This is our opportunity to tell you about a recent trip to see our friends, The Mocks! :)


We do not get as many chances as we would like to see these wonderful people & usually this means we stay up talking till very late into the night. Even if we are all very tired & could easily fall asleep at any moment! :)



This is Brent! We have been friends for awhile now. We hunt together, play cribbage & I even let him win a game of chess during this visit (ok, I played horrible & he player really good & he kicked my tail) :)


There is always a nice fire going in the fireplace & always someone sitting in front of it playing, reading or talking! It is quite calming too.



I am so thankful to God for giving us such great friends & for each of our opportunities to see them & enjoy their company!



During our visit one of their daughters came home for a visit too & we had the chance to see her little boy. I could not resist the urge to photograph him.

His eyes are amazingly beautiful. Especially when they are so intently focused on you.



Such a handsome boy! Nice job momma...


Every single moment with the Mock family is special.

Do you have friends like these?

Do they live close?

It takes us between 3-4 hrs to get up to their house & it's always worth the drive!


Because spending time with family & friends is always a good idea! :)



Priscilla Suarez(non-registered)
These are beautiful!:) Thank you so much for taking the pictures of Effy! I love the one of Kippy jumping in the creek,too:)
Linda Mock(non-registered)
Tim, I loved these so, so much!! Thank you ~ for the pictures and the words!
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