Phil Dehnert Retirement

May 25, 2014  •  4 Comments

My Dad is Retired!

So we had a party to celebrate!

Family & Friends came to the party to celebrate. We had pizza, cake & a jolly good time.

We had a great time!

My amazing sisters even had t-shirts made for each of the grandkids to show their support for my dad! :)

The front of the shirts where used to spell out RETIREMENT!

The back of the shirts gave the age in order from oldest to youngest!

We didn't quite get this shot as the kids where fading from all the fun! :)

But aren't they cute!!!

Happy Retirement Dad!

Thank you for all your years of working hard to provide, raise & support us all.

You are a diligent hard worker & you have taught me a lot about the meaning of giving it your best, working at it with all your heart & sticking it out.

I pray I am able to be such an amazing influence to my kids & their futures as you have always been to us.


With Love & Appreciation for the Best Retired Old Person Ever!

Timmy :D



Timothy Dehnert Photography
Well said Sarah. Yes I will send you an email with the information you'll need.
We love you Dad! You worked so hard...and got up so early everyday.... To make a great life for us. You deserve the break!
I would love these pictures. I was running around too much to take any. Even the t shirt guy wants a photo. Can I get a link or disk or something?
Timothy Dehnert Photography
GREAT party for a GREAT man.

I am glad you enjoyed it.
Phil Dehnert(non-registered)
The party was GREAT! The gifts were too. You were all so thoughtful and loving in all that was said and done.
I 'LOVED' it all and I appreciate you all so much ! ! :o)
Now . . . what am I going to do with myself NEXT week?
~ Phil / Dad / Bepa ~
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