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January 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

There is something to be said about the special art of Real Estate photography & how much fun I have working at capturing that art!

Actually, I think the above shot was taken by my lovely bride Israel. She's got an amazing eye & is taking great images more & more lately. I hope to learn a few things from her. :)

See I told you she takes great images!

This particular house was a journey to get to.

Lacey, being ruffly an hour away from our place & my awesome parents to watch our kids while we did this job. We had the opportunity to spend nearly all day together.

We got to the job early & decided to go to a park to wait. Once there we also decided we needed another portrait of us together. 

I know, imagine the timing right! ;)

See how blessed I am!!! :D

We are continually looking to grow our experience & knowledge in the art of Real Estate Photography & would love to your help in finding more jobs. Our thanks to you all.


Timmy :D


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