Selling Our Home

January 16, 2015  •  2 Comments

We're Selling Our Home :)

After living in our home for the last 11 years, we've finally decided to sell.

This has not been an easy decision!

We have so many wonderful memories & such beautiful friends made here.

Choosing to move has NOT been easy & we've put it off, postponed it & procrastinate many times over the years. 

Well, now it's official. The house is on the market, available & we're exhausted.

We've put so much energy & time into getting everything ready, fixed & cleaned for the sale & we have very little energy left. But, we're excited.

You must check it out!

We are going to miss our neighbors the most! Actually, as I type this blog our neighbor Julie just came over to have dinner with us & is now playing cribbage with the boys at the dinner table waiting for dinner to be done! :)

We have had so much fun swimming at our community pool, fishing & boating at our community lake & playing in the play ground on the toys. So many memories.

This won't be easy to walk away from, but we have faith in God to lead us, bless us & provide for our future. Our hope is in Him & Him alone to lead the way!


Thank you to Scott Christensen from GoPro Realty. Scott, our Realtor is also becoming more & more of a friend each day. We met Scott as he was showing us a home in Buckley, WA we are interested in buying & we are thankful to God for Scott's help, knowledge & hard work. If you would like a hard working, knowledgeable realtor to help you sell your home or to get more information about how to buy our home ;) get ahold of Scott -


May God Bless You All

Timmy :D


Phil Dehnert(non-registered)
Tim and Issy,
We KNOW this is a very "happy/sad" event. Leaving the "home" that God brought you into to start your marriage and grow your family. Believe us, we understand. Tim, you took our "going away" photos when we left the home that YOU were raised in just a few years ago. That was hard, but we KNEW we were stepping out under God's direction. We are sure that HE is guiding your family now as well! Go With God! We love you all.
~Mom and Dad Dehnert~
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