You Waited Long Enough

August 27, 2016  •  5 Comments

You've Waited Long Enough

What is our Exciting News you ask?

Well, to give you the whole picture we'd have to tell you the whole story & the story is a bit long. But, it is a story full of fun details, obvious signs of God's handy work & bounding with hope for the future.

I am so excited to tell the story, but it's not a story I can to tell all at once in 1 blog post.

I do photography. NOT writing or story telling. :)

In the beginning... ;~)

A long, long time ago. Not far from here. Not some distant land or far off place in a fairy tale, but... GET TO THE POINT! Sorry :)

You ever had someone give you a gift that to you was beyond what you could've expected or imagined? A sort of dream come true or something that only happens in day dreams right before you rear-end the car in front of you because you where so lost in the dream.

Did you take that gift & put it in a closet never to be used again & forgotten? No, probably not.

Well in our exciting news, we have been given a gift. A gift we DO NOT plan on shoving into a closet, but instead using & growing to honor the giver & pursue our passion. So, what's the bloody gift or the exciting news you ask (frustratedly)?

The Dehnerts are making the transition into full time professional photography!

What? That is totally AWESOME you say! Well, we agree. :)

A little over 1 year ago I was asked by a friend Sharon Hinman, who is THE photographer in Enumclaw. Sharon ask me to photograph a wedding/vow renewal for her since she had stopped doing weddings & happen to be gone at this particular time anyways. I of course said yes that would be sweet. And, I'd love to help her out. So, (trying not to make this story to long remember I'm not a story teller or writer) once I finished editing the images, I brought them to her for delivery. While we where talking she does the unthinkable. She steps into my day dream & makes it a reality! :~O

Sharon says something like this. "So, I am pretty sure I will be retiring from photography within the next year & moving to the Seattle area. Depending on some circumstances we may not move to Seattle, but either way I'm DONE with photography. Would you be interested in coming in & taking over my business? I will teach you, mentor you & introduce you to all my customers/clients so you can take off where I will be stopping. All you'd need to do is come to my jobs, help in the editing & processing, watch  & learn. I don't want to charge you for the business. I just want to give it to you & give you the opportunity to take over for me. Whatcha think?"

​I say something like this. DAAAAAAA. What's up doc?


Well the story get's much, much better! And since I'm not a writer I'll end here & pick up again next week with more info. :) Look for the next blog around Saturday Sept. 3rd.


Till then may our God bless you & His everlasting love shine over you!

Timmy :D


Sean Price(non-registered)
I'm happy for you my friend. God doesn't walk you through a valley to not grow you into His image and put you where He shines through you. Love you buddy! Congrats.
Doreen Mills(non-registered)
Timmy, this is so exciting and wonderful for your entire family. You go, guy!
Timothy Dehnert Photography
You guys are awesome!

YES PLEASE continue to pray! Our/My desire is that we would in NO WAY slide away from giving God glory as we embark on this new journey & that He would lead every step of the way as we transition into our the new home, new vocation & over all a new life.

Nothing really is the same as it was when we started this journey over a year ago. :)
It's better!!!
Ruth Wix(non-registered)
So excited for you, taking this next step forward in your photography. You have such a talent! May God continue to bless you and your family.

Phil Dehnert(non-registered)
Wait? . . . What? After all this time and that big buildup. That's ALL you got?!
KIDDING! Congratulations Tim and Issy and Family!
Mom and I are still praying that God will continue and complete this vocational change in your lives! We love the developing "Family" aspect to all of this. May He work out the FedEx side of things as beautifully as He is creating the photography side. Mom and I share your JOY in all that God is doing in your lives. May He direct the construction of your new HOUSE as faithfully and perfectly as your vocational "reconstruction". Praise God!
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