Family Focus

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Family Focus


 How our family feels about Team Portraits 



Do the kids understand what is going on?


So, once we decided we would really begin praying about this dream opportunity of taking on all of Sharon Hinman's (Enumclaw photographer) clients, we knew this would have to be a family decision & something we all agreed on, supported & where behind all the way.

And so, while Israel & I where already praying together about it, we decided to bring the opportunity to the kids attention & have a discussion about it over dinner. So, one night at the dinner table I asked the kids what they thought about the idea of beginning a family photography business!? Each in turn said they are very open to the idea & excited about the prospect of having our own family business. :D This was so encouraging for me & gave me even more of motivation to give it a go.

And so, I ended that night with a bit of a twisted gut of excitement, nerves & fear. But with my family backing me I knew we could do it.

So we make it a point of praying together most nights & before every shoot as a family that God would guide us & glorify himself in our photography opportunities & that we would have the wisdom to run this business well. How cool!!!

Thank you God for such an amazing family & the most beautiful, supportive & loving wife EVER!!!

Next step/chapter, Contacting Sharon...



Timmy :D


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