Our Next Chapter

September 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

The Next Chapter - PRAYER

I believe I left off with us on our knees in the last blog.

​This is the chapter where we needed to go completely outside of our abilities, capabilities & strength. This is the chapter where we need a bit of the supernatural.

What exactly does that mean you ask?

Well, we in the Dehnert family do not believe in doing something if God's hand is NOT in it. If God is not opening doors, leading us in & showing us through to the other side then we don't want anything to do with it, because in everything we do we want to give Him honor. And if this photography thing is going to work. It's because He decided it would! If it grows, it's because He wanted it to grow.

Because I know what I see ain't going to do the trick. But what He see's is beyond enough! Did I already tell you what style of photography Sharon specialized in?

TEAM Portraits!!! 

The joke going on in my head as I continued to process & pray about this opportunity, is that there are a couple areas of photography I vowed never to do while moving along in our photography business. 

Infants - all I do is make them cry. No cute posses here.

School Portraits - to much chaos & frustratingly HIGH amounts of work. 

Team Portraits - to much chaos & frustratingly HIGH amounts of paper work. 

So what in the world am I doing you ask???

Well, the way I've come to see it is that I'm either going to be WORKING at FedEx the rest of my working days & retire from there with bad knees & a bad back. Or I could do the same amount of WORK in team portrait photography & get the blessing of seeing my family more ofter & working hard for myself & saving my back & knees in the process.

This helped me straighten out the dislike of Team Portraits Photography. :D

So I told Sharon Yes!

(what was I thinking) :D


And so we practiced.

These goofy pictures are all in our back yard practicing setting up the lights, posing the players & getting a good grip on how the flow of our portrait session would go.

​I am so blessed to have parents that are willing to put themselves out there to support our crazy ideas. Even to the point of being practice subjects being photographed in our back yard. :D

As this chapter ends, you finally know that we made a BIG leap into photographing Team Portraits & that for awhile our days are going to be very busy as I am now working 2 full time jobs. We don't want to quit FedEx as we need the health ins. & we don't yet know what the photography will do.

Please be praying for us.

As I write this school (home) just started & now Issy has that full plate to work with also.

My manager at FedEx just let me know there is a part time position opening up at FedEx that is exactly what I would like & I am praying for God's guidance about taking the position or not.

And, in all this we are still waiting for our house building to start & the rainy season is coming fast. Foundation hopefully coming soon.

See you in the next Chapter! 


God Bless ~ Us ~ Everyone

Timmy :D


Korrie Slayter(non-registered)
I am on the "Guidence by God" train. You are fantastic photographer, I would hire you. OH WAIT, I did!!!!
Phil Dehnert(non-registered)
You are a pretty great photographer of "Old Farts" too. You forgot that problem category. :)
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