What Happened Next

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What Happened Next

So, as we left off last time. Sharon just dropped a bomb on me & was in stepping into my daydream to see if she could make it a reality.

So, what was Sharon thinking? She was thinking she would mentor me into the business by taking me to all her shoots, training me in her business practices & introducing me to all her customers. Sounds AWESOME right!? Well, what i didn't know was how in the world would I find time to do all that? After all, I met Sharon while working. ;D 

​How would I make it to all her shoots, learn all the business stuff after & around shoots & meet the customers to introduce myself as their new photographer (if they'll have me)?

So, After months of racking my brain about how in the world we could even make this possible, (you know bills to pay, health insurance for sick kids & other little stuff like that) Sharon asked if I would be able to take on another portrait session for her because she'd be out of Town.

When I delivered the images to her she remarked almost in passing. 

"Have you decided what you'll do about my offer? Cause I'm done & we're moving to Idaho within the next 6 months or sooner if we can"

Me: IDAHO?????????? NOW?????????? Uh... Da... Um... Well...

Her: Sitting there smiling & enjoying my dilemma. :D

And that's pretty much how I left the conversation. Brain all foggy once again. But, this time I wasn't going to waste any time!

I was going to spend ALL of my thinking about it on my knees in prayer, leaving it in the hands of God for Him to work out His will & provide His way if it is His will. :D

And the story just gets better!!!

Till Next Time.



Timmy :D


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