Hey, I'm Tim, Timmy or Timothy. Mainly Tim, but family and old friends call me Timmy!
I am A PEOPLE PERSON! This is more than obvious once you've met me.

I LOVE PEOPLE! The more the merrier!

Adventure, being outdoors and living life in motion keep me alive. Life is full of exciting and adventurous possibilities and I want to be in them and remember them!

These exciting adventurous moments in my life ARE WORTH REMEMBERING!

YES, this is why I fell in love with photography. Decades worth of cherishing moments through images!

Our marriage day, our 1st baby, the passing of my grandpa or the loss of a close friend are all moments I have images of and I regularly visit the memories and emotions from these through the images I have.

Family Portraits help keep these memories alive!

We call them Memories in still life!


We really like to make people smile and we're good at what we do.

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