Processes, Steps and Responsibilities


Coach Info Video 


Scheduling Your Team: AT LEAST 1 WEEK NOTICE!

Complete the Contact Form Below


Send Team Roster:

  • I NEED your team roster to complete the team gallery.

  • The sooner you get this the earlier I can give you info about your team to share and take another load off your shoulders!!!


Parent Info:


  • PARENT INFO WEBPAGE - Each team gets a web-link (provided once roster is turned in) with all the info they'll need!

  • INFO FLYERS - I will print flyers to send home with players


Prep Team:

  • Every player Should:

    • Be aware of the session coming up and prepared.

    • Have Clean and Complete Uniforms!

    • Matching uniforms!

    • Shirts tucked in or untucked?

  • Coaches Decide:

    • Wearing hats or other gear NOT apart of the normal uniform?

    • Home or Away Gear?

    • Sunglass or not?


Show Up On Time

  • I want to respect your time and how precious every minute of practice is!

  • I promise to show up to the portrait location (field, gym, court, etc.) at least 30 min. prior to get set up and be completely ready for your team.

  • INDIVIDUAL portraits 1st (to accommodate for late arrivals) and finishing with team/group portraits.

  • After Individuals - Line up your athletes by height for team portraits!


Coach Portraits: All coaches must have a portrait taken.

  • This is for the athletic department or team to use for recognition, website and other uses.


Prints Delivery:

  • No longer than 3 weeks following the shoot I will contact the coach/team mom to pick up prints. Location T.B.D.

  • Coach/Team Mom is responsible for distributing prints to athletes/parents.


Products @

Digital Order Forms @

How do parents pay for photos? Gallery Orders! Unless specific request for paper order form use.

Gallery Access

Bring equipment (i.e. bat, glove, ball, etc.) to use as a props.

Questions? Contact me! I am local and willing to help!