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Timothy Dehnert Photography proudly presents the Enumclaw High School Boys Soccer Team portraits for the 2018-2019 school year.
EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2948EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2949EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2950EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2951EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2953EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2954EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2957EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2959EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2962EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2963EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2965EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2967EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2968EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2972EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2974EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2976EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2978EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2979EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2981EHS BoysSoccer18-19 (webshare) IMG_2984