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Enumclaw High School Fall season team posters gallery for the 2019-2020 school year taken and built by Timothy Dehnert Photography.
EHS BoysTennis2019 Poster 12x18 Team PosterEHS Cheer Team Poster2019 12x18EHS Golf(Boys)2019 12x18 Team PosterEHS Golf(Girls)2019 12x18 Team PosterEHS Soccer(Girls)2019 12x18 Team PosterEHS Swim(girls) Poster2019 12x18EHS Volleyball19-20 Posters 12x18EHS Waterpolo(boys) Team Poster2019 12x18EHS XC 2019 Girls 12x18 Team PosterEHS XC Poster2019 12x18 Team PosterEHSFootballSeniorPoster2019-20 12x18