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Enumclaw High School Guys and Girls Golf Team portraits gallery for the 2019-2020 fall season.
EHS Golf(Girls)2019 12x18 Team PosterEHS Golf(Boys)2019 12x18 Team PosterEHS Golf-Boys19-20 (zen) IMG_6653EHS GirlsGolf Team2019 IMG_6833-EditEHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6735EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6737EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6738EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6741EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6743EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6745EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6747EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6749EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6751EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6753EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6755EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6757EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6758EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6761EHS Golf-Girls19-20 (zen) IMG_6763EHS GirlsGolf2019 IMG_6833-Edit