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Enumclaw High School graduation dress rehearsal ceremony portrait gallery for EHS Class of 2020 seniors and families to view their cap and gown portraits taken by Timothy Dehnert Photography.
EHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4249-JaceVanWieringenEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4263-LaurenBoneEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4278-MasynWhealdonEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4288-JuliaBurnesEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4312-MayaRismillerEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4335-BethanyBlairEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4351-MaddisonRubinEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4364-DanyelKorpeEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4372-ClaireLewisEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4389-ElijahWestEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4392-ReeceMuellerEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4399-OsiEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4409-ZachJonesEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4429-JennelleHomesEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4439-HaidynFryEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4458-AustinAndersenEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4466-CooperGunterEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4481-BenPozunEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4486-yoannalandinEHS 2020Grad (8x10) IMG_4493-LoganAllen