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Team Portrait Information

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 Team Portrait Schedule 

Please Arrive at least 10 min. before your session to check in!



Team #

Coach Name


10:45 AM #1 Joe Cook K/1
11:00 AM #2 Billy Sheldon K/1
11:15 AM #3 Ashley Poe K/1
11:30 AM #4 Jessalyn Stebly K/1
11:45 AM #5 Tony & Stephanie Signani K/1
12:00 PM #6 Aspen Ashford K/1
12:15 PM #7 Lane Platt K/1
12:30 PM #8 Trevor Laush K/1
12:45 PM #9 Trevor Laush 4/5 Boys
1:00PM #10 Carly Bell 2/3 Girls
1:15PM #11 Jenny Binetti 2/3 Girls
1:30PM #12 Amy Smith & Amanda Land 2/3 Girls
1:45-2:15PM BREAK BREAK  
2:15PM #13 Kacey Heffington & Tony Benson 2/3 Girls Muckleshoot
2:30PM #14 Marquan Warren & Malachi McCullough 2/3 Boys Muckleshoot
2:45PM #15 Kaleb Williams & Katey Sias 4/5 Girls Muckleshoot
3:00PM #16 JaRon Artis & Gabriel Reich-Norris 4/5 Boys Muckleshoot
3:15PM #17 Jason Lopez 2/3 Girls
3:30PM #18 Shelly Moreno 2/3 Boys 
3:45PM #19 Beth Madill 2/3 Boys 
4:00PM #20 Bekey Vanwettering 2/3 Boys 
4:15PM #21 Larry Pague 2/3 Boys 
4:30PM #22 Jeremiah Pearson 2/3 Boys 
4:45PM #23 Michelle Houser & Krisana Ritter 2/3 Boys 
5:00PM #24 Rolly Leonard 4/5 Girls 
5:15PM #25 Katie Martinez 4/5 Girls 
5:30PM #26 Mike Emard 4/5 Girls 
5:45PM #27 James Leonard 4/5 Girls 
6:00PM #28 Andy Means 4/5 Boys
6:15PM #29 Jerry Holstien 4/5 Boys
6:30PM #30 Jill Hobbs-Carrico 4/5 Boys
6:45PM #31 Tim O'Brien 4/5 Boys
7:00PM #32 Becky Elder & Tony Kuzaro 4/5 Boys
7:15PM #33 Bonnie Kennedy Spec Rec
7:30PM #34 Bonnie Kennedy Spec Rec
7:45PM   That's a Wrap!!





 Portrait Location: 



(Parking Is Limited - Additional Parking Found in front of NW Safe)










 Ordering Infomation: 

No paper order forms!

All orders are through the online gallery.

Please contact me if this might be a problem for you (e.g. - no internet access).


NO SHIPPING with Bulk Ship Deadline

(all orders placed after this date will NOT be packaged with the team, but will instead be packaged and shipped directly to your address)


Gallery Access Code:

Every player will be given a specific code that will need to be used to access their portraits in the gallery.

(look for code on player flyer or in your email)

Text Your Code to 90738



Is your team already set up? Do You Need Your Access Code? Let me know!



Team Portrait HOW TO VIDEOStep by step guidance on what to do and how to do it for player and team portrait gallery access and ordering



Advanced Pay CREDIT Info

What is Advanced Pay and Why and How Much To Purchase? See Below

A pre-purchased credit amount paid for prior to the shoot @ $25, $50, $75, $100

Advanced Pay credits are a chance for parents to get a jump on things and save an addition 10%.


You DO NOT NEED TO ORDER an AdvancedPay Credit!
You can wait for the images to be ready on the gallery to order!




Once the shoot is done and the images are uploaded to the gallery, you'll receive a text notifying you your portraits are ready.

Enter the gallery via the text or email, select and order your products and then your advanced pay credit amount will automatically be applied to your balance in your cart upon checking out.



Addition Info:


Product Catalog

timmydphotography, Enumclaw team portrait photography, Seattle team portrait photography and Buckley team portrait photographyMagazine CoversTeam portrait sports prints and products - Magazine Covers


Sports Product Pricing
timmydphotography, Enumclaw team portrait photography and Seattle team portrait photographySports and Team Portrait Product PricingTeam portrait product price sheet.












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