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A newly renovated, designed & skillfully crafted home in Buckley, WA where my mother-in-law, Denise Trivelas is starting her own classic hometown getaway for women groups to celebrate, retreat from chaos or get creative with scrap booking, crafting or other fun events. Denise wants the home to be a place to Retreat, Renew & Revive your souls, your lives, your marriages. This home is a beautiful example of what a solid & true marriage can do. The amazing craftsmanship & detailed work done to recreate this old home was a team effort by both my mother-in-law Denise & my father-in-law George Trivelas. They do amazing things as a team!

Denise has a great ability to dream up amazing things. And I believe this will be a grand place to see & feel her dreams coming true & a place where you can create your own dreams & get started at making them come true too!