Gallery Information and Details

Hi Parents, 😃

This information is meant to help you with your portrait ordering experience with PhotoDay.


We hope to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. If you need further assistance or have more questions, please contact us.

By phone @ (206) 355-1612 or by email @ [email protected]


Blessings, Tim Dehnert





Questions and Answers:



  1. Makes your ordering process simple and easy to use!
  2. See your portraits, before you purchase!
  3. Pick your portraits!
  4. Share your portraits with family and friends!


  • Can We Still Purchase Via Pre-Paid Envelopes? - YES!
    We choose the best pose!
    This means we do not 
    guarantee your desired pose selection with paper order forms.
    Forms need to be turned in on your team’s picture day so orders can be processed together.
    Late orders after the picture day will be subject to a $5 late fee for late processing.


  • Are all the products available? - At this time No.
    However, only 1 product is unavailable.😃 PLAQUES. Thus we do not offer Plaque Packs or plaques via PhotoDay. 
    You can still order them via Pre-Paid envelopes or by contacting us!


  • Shipping Cost? - NO!
    But, if you order outside the 1 WEEK bulk shipping deadline (from of the picture date) you'll pay shipping costs.
    BULK SHIPPING - All gallery orders processed within the shipping deadline will be processed together and shipped together to us. Then, we'll deliver to your coach, team mom or preferred contact.
    Personal Shipping - All gallery orders processed after shipping deadline will be process 
    individually and shipped directly to your desired location. Thus, shipping charges apply.


  • Product Templates -
    We know there are a lot of template options, but hopefully this means you can find one you’re happy with to frame your athlete. These templates are created by the printing labs and set up for your ease of use.


  • Cropping -
    With PhotoDay, you have the freedom to crop portraits to suite your desires.

  • AdvancedPay CREDITS
    Save 10% off your PrePay opportunity!
    This CREDIT will be applied to your final order within the gallery once images are ready.
    Expires night prior to portrait session.