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Timothy Dehnert photography is so proud to have photographed the Ruggiero family up at the Coeur d'alene, Idaho golf and country club on Lake Coeur d'alene.
This is a beautiful family and their portrait session was an absolute joy. Couldn't have asked for a better day or family! :)
RuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2184-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2191-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2211-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2212-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2228-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2269-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2283-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2289-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2302-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2307-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2310-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2314-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2324-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2338-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2339-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2349-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2350-Edit-2RuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2350-EditRuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2358-Edit-2RuggieroFam2019 (Final) IMG_2358-Edit