Suggestions, Tips & Tricks

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Here are some notes on how to help you prepare for your shoot and some suggestions for our time together. I want to maximize every minute together and make sure you truly enjoy the experience (and the photos that will be captured!)


We will start on time! 

Being a lover of natural light, my timing for your session isn’t a coincidence, it is scheduled so that we have the best lighting for your photos. (Trust me: I’m looking at sunset schedules a year in advance!) Please allow enough time when you find yourself planning and include time for travel or traffic. We will shoot until the sun sets, so if we begin a bit late, we won’t stay late! This just ensures that we are in the right place or the right light and will give you the best results!


Come prepared! 

Arrive ready to go & after we've relaxed into each others company we will get to work!

Small details like bringing little snacks and water help a lot. But, make sure to drink lots of water prior and eat a decent meal to give yourself energy. And, let's make sure you have every accessory or prop you want photographed ready for the shoot!

Make Sure It Fits!

Avoid baggy and loose fitting clothes.

We are professionals at capturing and shaping our subjects in front of our lens. But, here's a tip to help to capture the best portraits possible.

Avoid baggy clothing

Loose fits create straight lines with no curves and takes away our ability to shape you for your portraits.


Props, puppies, cars, etc!

If you’re wondering about how you can make your experience personal and memorable, feel free to bring along any props that are special to you. I want your session to scream YOU, so if that means bringing your four legged friend along or props to tell your story, please do! We can incorporate them into your photos in a fun way!


Multiple outfits: 

I love to offer the opportunity for outfit changes during the session. Larger groups might not be able to work this in, but i'm willing to work with you to make something special happen.

Jackets, hats, scarves and other removable clothing are great for quick, easy changes to get a few different looks and feels with your session.

Many opt for one dressier option along with casual options. Warning: You may need to change in your car, depending on where we are shooting! Just be prepared for the adventure!



Follow the link below to help see how colors work together. Color patterns, schemes, etc.


Mix the colors to find "Complimentary","Split Complementary", "Double Split Complementary" color patterns.



Please know that I do not expect you to be a model. My job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be your true comfortable self in front of my lens.


You'll find yourself really enjoying our time and the end result will be something you will love!

Here are a couple things we'd like to do for you:

  1. I'VE GOT THIS!😉 Once the session starts, I'll take over from there... Don't stress about how the kids are acting. I LOVE kids and have a fun way of working with them to get their attention and awesome genuine smiles, while goofing off. It seems a bit out of control, but I use this to the advantage of their energy.
  2. Relax and enjoy the fun! Please, join in on the fun too, but don't stress about perfect kids and perfect behaviors. Let's, just have a blast together and we'll work out the rest. 
  3. Bring snacks for the kids!
  4. FREE TIME: We'll keep an eye out for a little break to snack and relax without the camera. This helps the kids get back into things. You'll be worried about outfits get ruined, but a little chance to move and wiggle out some energy will help produce better smiles and portraits. 🙂


We are so excited for your session and cannot wait for our time together!


Talk Soon, 

Tim Dehnert