Session Suggestions, Tips & Tricks

Our tips and trick will help reduce stress during your session & create a relaxed and enjoyable portrait experience

Remember, RELAX and bring:

  • Something Casual
  • Something Classic
  • Something Fun
  • Jackets & hats change the look of any of your outfits & add a great addition to any of your portraits.
  • 1 long sleeve top for 1 of your portraits.


Planning ahead saves stress:

  • Getting everything situated the day prior can make the session a more relaxing and enjoyable process. This will show in your portraits. 
  • Get a good night sleep. Being well rested will help you look and feel more energetic in your portraits.


Wear solid colors:

  • Nothing detracts from a subject’s face more than clothes covered in busy patterns and prints.


Bring Friends or Family:

  • Having friends or family at your session can reduce stress dramatically and they can help keep hair intact, make-up touched up and support in many other ways.
  • Scheduling a group session is always a good idea. You can work off each other, play and have fun during the entire session. 😃


Bring Hair and Make-Up Products:

  • Touch ups are always ok. Stray hairs seem to have a mind of their own so a good can of hair spray or bottle of gel can be very helpful. 😜


Family's can:

  • Pick matching colors
  • Pick themed colors or styles (seasons, pro teams, formal, etc.)
    • Fall Season works well with Auburns, Darker Greens, Browns, Yellow and Blues.


Keep jewelry to a minimum:


Make sure the clothes fit:

  • Comfortable clothing does not mean baggy or loose fitting. We'll help you look amazing, but picking clothes that fit can help a bunch.
  • Clothes that are too small can make posing and positioning difficult. 


Don’t forget hats and jackets:


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

  • Drink plenty of fluids (water) before the shoot.  This will keep your body and mind more attentive for portraits.


Eat Something:

  • Make sure you've had a good meal prior to the shoot too.  This too will make you look more attentive for portraits.


Remember, RELAX & HAVE FUN 😜

  • This is about Capturing and Collecting your Moments into Memories AND Framing Your Unique Personality.