Dear Parents, athletes and coaches, 

We are thrilled with the blessing of serving you and your team and providing you with beautiful portraits. We understand how full and overwhelming life can be. So, we would like to take a moment to help walk you through this process.


Don't want to read through all this? Then watch as I take you through and explain it all. 




 First, what’s available for you? So Much!!!

We have a number of packages, products and prints to choose from. All of which can be found in your team gallery and at these links: 

Product Catalog

Product Pricing





 Second, how do you order?  TEAM IMAGE GALLERY!

We’re making things as simple as possible for you this year.

Text your player ACCESS CODE to 97308 or visit to enter your access code.

See your Team Webpage for more info - info should have been sent home with your athlete.

Watch this to learn more: Gallery Customer Experience Video

  • AdvancedPay CREDIT: w/10% discount

This is a CREDIT you CAN purchase prior to the session. You do not need to purchase a credit, but it does give you the opportunity to save an additional 10% on your FINAL order in the gallery after the shoot has been completed and the images are uploaded. 


 Third, when will your portraits be done? 

Our goal is to have your portraits delivered to your team mom or coach within 3 weeks of your team portrait session. Exceptions to this goal would be:

  1. Late Orders - Paper form orders placed after the session date and fulfilled by Timothy Dehnert Photography will be processed with the next available team order and a $5 late fee will be added. Missing fee’s and late processing may cause more delays.

  2. Missing Information - Missing details may cause a delay or miss print. Miss printed information if un-legible will need to be reordered by customer.

  3. BULK SHIPPING DEADLINE: Online orders who miss the bulk shipping deadline are shipped directly to your doors. Some shipping companies do not deliver to PO Box’s!




Ordering Options


  • Making things as simple and awesome as possible!😍

  • We text you and email you once the images are ready for viewing.

  • View and Pick Your Favorite Poses!

  • Same products! 1 product is missing - Plaques! Let me know if you're interested in ordering a plaque!


    • Place your order by the bulk shipping deadline (see below) and shipping is on me!

    • All order placed after the bulk shipping date will be subject to shipping rates.

    • Bulk Shipping - If orders are placed prior to a selected date (e.g. 1 week from session date) all the products ordered will be shipped directly to use for delivery to your coach. This way we pay your shipping and you still get the benefit of seeing all the poses and pick your favorites prior to ordering.


  • This option is only available for special situations (Plaque orders, No Internet Access, etc.)

  • Completely fill out your provided envelope.

  • Please - Pay attention to how legible or readable your envelope is. We use this for spelling!

  • Place payment and order form portion of the pamphlet inside and seal the envelope. 

  • Have your athlete turn it in during their individual portrait.