Enumclaw Team Portrait PhotographerEnumclaw High School Team portrait photographer Timothy Dehnert Photography capturing the Baseball Team Senior portraits.

Team Portraits

Senior Portraits 

Building and creating quality lasting portraits of your sports/teams/seniors. Not just your average team session, but an all out planned and designed session to reflect the style you want to remember from your senior year in your sport of choice!

Senior team portraits is different from your normal team portraits session, because we help you design a special dramatic moment to capture and print. We'll take the time to make it unique and lasting.

On location!

In Studio!

Green Screen for background swap and more!

We'll help you design your Team Senior Portraits to match your desired Team Senior Portraits. 

1 Hour session minimum!

1 Location

$150 for the 1st hour.

Contact us to begin planning and designing your Team Senior Portraits. 

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